Gandham Phanikumar

Invited Lectures


  • Workshop on ICME for Aluminium, organized by IIM Pune Chapter, TCS, Pune and Aditya Birla Science and Technology Centre on 1st and 2nd June, 2016 at TCS, Pune. Talk titled “Vertical integration for microstructure prediction in Al alloys”.
  • Technical meeting of the Topical Team - Solidification EML organized by DLR with support from ESA at Burg Schnellenberg, Germany during 25-27 May 2016. Talk titled “Solidification of undercooled Ni-based Heusler Alloys”.
  • Theme meeting on “Thermokinetic Modeling and Computational Design of Alloys” organized by IIM Kalpakkam Chapter on March 22, 2016 at MDL Seminar Hall, IGCAR, Kalpakkam. Talk titled “Kinetic Simulation of Microstructural Stability”.
  • Two day seminar on “Human resource for metal component manufacturing - HRMCM'16” organized as part of Golden Jubilee of NIFFT, Ranchi during 10-11 March 2016. Talk titled “Preparing manpower for ICME approach in metal component manufacturing”.


  • NRC-M workshop on Integrated Computational Materials Engineering organized by UGC-NRCM, Department of Materials Engineering and GE India Technology Centre at IISc, Bangalore during 28-29 December 2015. Talk titled “Role of ICME in academics and industry”.
  • TMS-IIM Symposium on ICME for Steel : Handshakes for industrial adoption, 69th Annual Technical Meet of the Indian Institute of Metals held at Coimbatore. Talk titled “Infrastructure requirements for handshakes”, 15-November-2015.
  • AMD's “Birds of Feature” session as part of HiPC 2015 at Hotel Park Plaza, Bangalore. Talk titled “Opportunities for GPU computing in Integrated Computational Materials Engineering”.
  • National workshop on “Programming with Intel Xeon Phi Co-processor” organized by P.G. Senapathy Centre for Computing Resources, IIT Madras and Intel at CRC 101, IIT Madras during July 17-18, 2015. Talk titled “Computation using OpenCL in Materials Science”.
  • Second workshop on Mechanical Behavior and Modeling by General Electric, Bangalore during 18-19 March 2015. Talk titled “Challenges and opportunities in modeling of solidification in multicomponent alloys”.


  • TMS-IIM Symposium on Industrial Realization of ICME: Challenges and Opportunities, 68th Annual Technical Meet of the Indian Institute of Metals held at College of Engineering, Pune. Talk titled “Integrating ICME toolset in the emerging landscape of computing infrastructure”, 13-November-2014. Brochure
  • Second national workshop on GPU programming and applications jointly conducted by IIT Madras, IIT Bombay, CDAC and NVidia during 17-19 July 2014 at CLT, IIT Madras. Talk titled “Parallel programming opportunities in materials science”.


  • Annual Technical Meet of the Indian Institute of Metals held at IIT (BHU), Varanasi. Talk titled “Phase field simulation of microstructures”, 13-November-2013.


  • Indo-German workshop on Integrate Computing in Materials Engineering (ICME) held at TCS, Pune (TRDDC). Organized by Indo-German Science and Technology Center (IGSTC) and TCS. Talk titled “3D simulation of solidification microstructures”, 28-11-2012. Brochure
  • Fifth International Conference on Solidification Science and Processing (ICSSP-5) held at Bhubaneshwar; organized by IIT Bhubaneshwar.Schedule Brochure
  • Materials Science Section, Indian Science Congress, 2012 held at Bhubaneshwar. Talk titled “Solidification of undercooled Heusler Alloys”. January 04-06, 2012. Schedule


  • One day symposium on Solidification of Aluminium Alloys held at R & D Centre, Aditya Birla Science and Technology Center, Mumbai. November 09, 2011.


  • NRC-M workshop on Joining of Materials, organized by Department of Materials Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and NIT, Trichy, held at NIT, Trichy on December 13-17, 2010. Schedule
  • One day discussion meeting on “Rapidly Solidified Materials: Present and Future Trends in India”, organized by Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory on 28-09-2010. Group Photo
  • International Summer school organized by Prof. Heike Emmerich under SPP1296 (Heterogenous nucleation and initial microstructure) at University of Bayreuth, Germany; July 19-23, 2010. Flyer Schedule
  • DST-SERC sponsored school on Texture and Microstructure, October 25-29, 2010 at IIT Madras.
  • Annual Technical Meeting (2010) organized by the Indian Institute of Metals, Kolkata and Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Talk titled “Phase-field simulation of solidification microstructure evolution”, 16-11-2010.
  • Workshop on Materials Modelling and Simulation organized by Centre for Modelling, Simulation and Design (CMSD), University of Hyderabad; Defense Metallurgical Research Laboratory and Indian Institute of Metals - Hyderabad Chapter; during December 27-31, 2010.Schedule
  • Indian Academy of Sciences (2010) meeting at Orange County. Talk titled “Microstructures during materials processing”, February 21-24, 2010. Schedule


  • Structure and Thermodynamics of Emerging Materials (STEM-2009): Thematic workshop on Thermodynamic and Kinetic Modeling of Phase and Microstructural Stability of Alloys. Talk titled “Elements of phase field simulation of microstructure evolution”. Held at Convention Center, Anupuram, Kalpakkam, September 24-26, 2009.