List of candidates shortlisted for external/part-time/project selection process – July 2020

M.S/Ph.D admissions – July – 2020
Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering – IIT Madras

List of candidates shortlisted for External/Part-time/Project selection process

S. No Application number Programme type Programme
1 MM1911M0002 Part Time M.S.
2 MM1911M0003 External M.S.
3 MM1912M0001 Part Time M.S.
4 MM2003M0004 Full Time (Project NHTRA) M.S.
5 MM2003M0005 Part Time M.S.
6 MM2003M0015 Staff M.S.
7 MM2004M0006 External M.S.
8 MM2004M0024 External M.S.
9 MM2005M0043 Part Time M.S.
10 MM2005M0044 Part Time M.S.
11 MM2003P0015 External Ph.D.
12 MM2003P0057 Part Time Ph.D.
13 MM2005P0032 External Ph.D.
14 MM2005P0036 External


Sd/- Head, MME, IIT Madras.