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Tiju Thomas holds MS and PhD degrees from Cornell University (NY, USA). He works in interdisciplinary areas that straddle materials engineering and allied areas (nanochemistry, electrical engineering, applied physicists and solid state chemistry). He also has an MS (Engg.) from the Theoretical Sciences Unit in Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research. His group focuses on developing compositionally complex oxides, oxynitrides and nitrides, and nanometals for achieving engineering ends. Problems concerning the functional properties of materials are of abiding interest to him.
In particular next-generation energy storage (supercapacitors, hybrid energy storage systems), nanotech-enabled solar energy harvesting, and solar-driven water treatment have been the group's recent focus. The group's work on, on-demand hydrogen production is internationally well-known.
Eco-friendly, green engineering perspectives guide the computational materials design, synthetic chemical and fabrication routes that the group develops. Furthermore, correlations between materials processes and device performance are emerging in the group's activities.
The group is diverse and vibrant beca...

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