Event Duration Role
International workshop on ICME July 18, 2020 and July 23, 2020 Member, Organizing Committee
ISMANAM 2019 July 08, 2019 to July 12, 2019 Member, Editorial Committee
Indo-US workshop on ICME for integrated realization of engineered materials and products 18.12.2013 to 20.12.2013 Convener from Indian academic side. Prof. M. Chakraborty, Director of IIT Bhubaneswar was Chairman, Prof. Farrokh Mistry, University of Oklahama was co-chairman, Dr. B.P. Gautham, TCS Pune was convener from Indian Industry side and Prof. Surya Kalidindi, Georgia Tech University was convener academic side from US.
International Symposium of Research Scholars: ISRS 2012 13.12.2012 to 15.12.2012 Convener for Programme and Hall Arrangements.
International Symposium of Research Scholars: ISRS 2008 10.12.2008 to 12.12.2008 Convener, Web Committee
International Symposium of Research Scholars: ISRS 2010 20.12.2010 to 22.12.2010 Co-convener for the symposium. Dr. S. Sankaran is the convener
Fourth International Conference on Solidification Science and Processing: ICSSP4 19.11.2009 to 23.11.2009 Co-convener of the conference. Prof. B.S. Murty is the convener. Guest editor for ICSSP4 proceedings in Trans. IIM along with Prof. B.S. Murty and Prof. Lorenz Ratke
3rd Symposium on National Frontiers of Engineering, Indian National Academy of Engineering 25.08.2008 Member, Organizing Committee. Prof. B.S. Murty was convener and Prof. M.S. Ananth was Chairman.
First in-house symposium for research scholars 01.04.2007 Co-ordinator along with Dr. V.S. Sarma
International Symposium of Research Scholars: ISRS 2006 18.12.2006 to 20.12.2006 Convener of Web Committee & Treasurer
International Symposium on Frontiers in Design of Materials, 43rd National Metallurgists’ Day & 59th Annual Technical Meeting 12.11.2005 to 16.11.2005 Convener, Web Committee; Member, Registration Committee, LOC