Current students

Name Program Title Remarks
Shreya Smitha MM19B054 B.Tech Knowledge representation in materials domain using ontologies
Aditi B MM19B022 B.Tech Use of graph neural networks for microstructure evolution
Pinjala Hardhik sivanagalingeswara Rao MM19B043 B.Tech Simulations using OpenFOAM + PetSc
N.N. Anoop MM19S011 M.S. Simulation and validation of friction stir welding of Al-alloys
Pradeepthi Pillalamarri MM21S008 M.S. Experimental and numerical analysis on friction stir welding of AA6082 Prof. Ranjit Bauri is main guide
Krishna Kailas Thombare MM22S001 M.S. Simulation of die casting process
K. Arunkumar ME18S072 M.S. (ext) External regisrant from Sundaram-Clayton, guided by Prof. Shamit Bakshi, external guide is Dr. T.V.L.N. Rao
V.S. Hariharan MM18D401 M.S. + Ph.D. co-guided by Prof. B.S. Murty
Paturi Sai Teja MM21M017 M.Tech Simulation of microstructure evolution during additive manufacturing
Nalin Rakesh Singh MM21M013 M.Tech Simulation and analysis of Welding
Uday Pratap Singh MM18D032 Ph.D. Evolution of residual stress in additively manufactured components
Kotha Satya Tejaswi MM18D028 Ph.D. OpenFOAM modeling of continuous casting steel
Abhishek Shukla MM21D019 Ph.D. Materials Characterization
Ajithkannan MMD010 Ph.D. Additive Manufacturing Co-guided by Prof. G.L. Samuel (ME)
Arpita Priyadarshani MM22D004 Ph.D. Solidification of Al-alloys Prof. Ranjit Bauri is main guide
Umair Hussain ME19D400 Ph.D. (PMRF) Guided by Dr. Narasimhan Swaminathan, Dept of ME
Arunkumar M MM21D001 Ph.D. (QIP) Dissimilar welding of materials for high temperature applications
Jibi K.K. MM21D002 Ph.D. (QIP) Joining of materials for heat transfer applications
M. Tarun Babu MM18D017 Ph.D. (ext) Structure property studies on cold sprayed aluminium alloy coatings External registrant from ARCI, external guide is Dr. K. Suresh, ARCI
Addepalli Veera Sreenu MM18D024 Ph.D. (ext) External registrant from RGUKT, guided by Prof. B.S. Murty
K. Rangan MM15D300 Ph.D. under ID research program in Virtual Manufacturing Studies on resistance spot welding of DP steels technical staff of IITM, co-guided by Prof. G.L. Samuel, Dept of ME