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Deepu Mathew John

Ph. D. Research Scholar(MS+PhD Dual Degree) with Prof. Gandham Phanikumar

Research Interests

  • Phase-field simulations of solid state transformations
  • Microstructure evolution during industrial heat treatment cycles
  • Simulation of microstructure evolution during inter-critical annealing
    of Dual Phase Steel
  • Homogenization of Phase Field simulated microstructure to obtain
    the effective macro scale properties
  • Finite Element simulation of metal forming processes
  • High Performance Computing in material science
  • Simulation of microstructure evolution at Heat Affected Zone in welding


2015 - 2018:






  • Micress
  • Homat
  • Abaqus
  • Simufact
  • JMatPro
  • ThermoCalc
  • Matlab
  • Paraview

Seminars Delivered

  • Seminar on 'ICME for DP steel Gear with Reduced Distortion' at Ohio State University, Ohio, USA
  • Seminar on 'ICME based Microstructure and Property Evolution Simulation in DP Steel' at AK Steel Research and Innovation Center, Ohio, USA
  • Seminar on 'ICME for DP steel Gear with Reduced Distortion' at NIST, Maryland, USA
  • Seminar on 'Microstructure and Property Evolution Simulation towards Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME)' at Aditya Birla Science and Technology Company (ABSTC), Mumbai, India

Training Undertaken/Visits:

  • A three day training on Micress software, at Access e.V, Aachen, Germany
  • Visits to Department of Ferrous Metallurgy(IEHK), RWTH, Aachen, Germany under the DP Forge project
  • Visits to Tata Research Design and Development Center(TRDDC), Pune under the DP Forge project
  • Visit to Simufact, Hamburg, Germany under the DP Forge project
  • Visit to Ford Research and Innovation Center, Michigan, USA
  • Visit to NIST, Maryland, USA
  • Visit to AK Steel Research and Innovation Center, Ohio, USA
  • Visit to Ohio State University, Ohio, USA
  • Visit to Ford Research and Innovation Center, Aachen, Germany
  • Visit to TU Delft, Netherlands

Conferences/Workshops Attended

  • GIAN course on 'Phase field modelling for microstructure evolution', 23-28 March, 2018 at IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India
  • Asia Steel International Conference, Bhubaneswar, India, 6-9th February, 2018
  • NMD-ATM 2017, BITS Pilani, Goa, 11-14 November, 2017
  • BRNS School on “Computational Methodologies Across Length Scales”, 28th August - 9th September 2017, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Mumbai
  • Summer School for Integrated Computational Materials Education, June 5-16, 2017, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
  • 4th World Congress on Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME 2017), May 21–25, 2017, Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA
  • Material Science and Engineering(MSE) 2016, September 27-29, 2016 at Darmstadt, Germany
  • International Symposium for Research Scholars(ISRS), December 21-13, 2016 at IIT Madras, Chennai, India
  • GIAN course on Basics and Application of Phase Field Modeling in Materials Science,December 5-9, 2016 at IISC, Bangalore, India
  • Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering(HT&SE) 2016, from 12-14 May, 2016 at Chennai, India


A micress simulation of gamma-alpha phase transformation during inter-critical annealing of dual phase steel.

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