Bachelor of dental surgery - The Tamilnadu Dr.M.G.R Medical University Nanomedical Sciences- Amrita Medical College And Research Institute

Ph. D. (Metallurgical and Materials Engg)- Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai

PhD Research area : Development of calcium phosphate based drug delivery system for dental infections.
Outline: Calcium phosphate bioceramics, especially hydroxyapatite, are widely used as bone repair and replacement materials. They are non toxic, biocompatible, bioactive and bioresorbable biomaterials which are also a component of human bone.  They are also widely studied for drug delivery as drug carriers. Non-stochiometric nano hydroxyapatite based systems is being explored  for efficient antibiotic delivery directly to affected area (local delivery) in certain dental infections while simultaneously serving as bone repair materials. Towards achieving this goal, we have synthesized calcium deficient hydroxyapatite of different Ca/P ratio and studied the release of various antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. Satisfactory release profiles has been observed from these nanocarriers.
International Journals
  1. Madhumathi.K and T.S.Sampath Kumar. Effect of structure and composition on ibuprofen drug delivery by calcium phosphate nanocarriers. Key Engineering Materials. 2013;  VOL 529: 495-500.
  2. Madhumathi.K and T.S.Sampath Kumar, Regenerative potential and anti-bacterial activity of tetracycline loaded apatitic nanocarriers for the treatment of periodontitis, Biomed. Mater. 9 (2014) 035002.

Conferences/Seminars Attended
  1. Local drug delivery using calcium deficient nanocarriers for the treatment of periodontitis. Madhumathi.K and T.S.Sampath Kumar, “NanoBio-2012”,Feb 21-23, 2012 at Amrita center for nanosciences and molecular medicine, Kochi, Kerala. - Poster presentation.

  2. Bioactive eggshell derived calcium apatite nanoparticles for drug/protein delivery. Madhumathi.K and T.S.Sampath Kumar, National Seminar on “Recent Trends in Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering”(RTBTE ‘12). July 27-28,2012 at Velammal Institute of Technology, Tiruvallur, Tamilnadu . – Oral presentation.