1. Micro/Nanofeaturing of Metallic Implants For Enhanced Bioactivity and organised a session on Biomaterials at the  National Metallurgists’ Day (NMD) – Annual Technical Meeting (ATM) 2013 of Indian Institute of Metals November 12-15, 2013 Varanasi

  2. Tailoring cap nanocarriers for improved antibiotic scaffolds and delivery systems Workshop on Harnessing Nanotechnology to Combat Infectious Diseases: From Bench to Bedside, Nov. 9, Chennai

  3. Guest Oration & Certificate of Appreciation, 25th Conference of the Indian Society for Dental Research (IADR-India Section), Oct., 05-07, 2012, Chennai

  4. Inaugural Talk, ASM Material Advantage Charter,  Sept. 29, 2013, Vellore

  5. Inaugural Address, Chemistry Club, Women's Christian College,Sept. 09, 2013 Chennai

  6. Inaugural Address, Symposium on Recent Trends in Biotechnology, Aug. 22, 2013, Chennai

  7. Keynote speaker at 9th  World Biomaterials Congress, June 01-06, 2012, Chengdu, China

  8. Innovative calcium phosphate bioceramics from eggshell waste,  Int. Conf.  on Frontiers in Materials Science for Energy and Environment, January 11-13, 2012, Chennai

  9. Nanocrystalline Apatites for Regenerative Medicine, Int. Conf. on "Biomaterials, Implant Devices and Tissue Engineering”  BIDTE-2012, Jan 6-8, 2012, Chenna $Keynote Lecture

  10. Bioceramic applications of egg shell waste, Int. Conf. on Biomaterials and Implants: Prospect and Possibilities in the New Millennium - BIO 2011, July 21-23, 2011, Kolkata

  11. T. S. Sampath kumar, Eggshell derived nanophase bioceramics,  Workshop on Hybrid Biomaterials, 8th July, 2011, Coimbatore 

  12. T. S. Sampath kumar, Biocompatible and bioactive coatings, Workshop on Nanocoating and Applications - NANOCOAT 2011, May 30, 2011, Chennai $Plenary Speaker,

  13. T. S. Sampathkumar, Ultrafine-grained titanium: processing and bioactivity evaluation, 4th Indo-Australian conference on biomaterials, tissue engineering and artificial organs,  Feb., 10-12, 2011. Anand, Gujarat (Invited talk)

  14. T. S. Sampathkumar, Nanostructured polymeric composites for hard tissue applications, ICMR supported National Seminar on “Polymers in Medicine and Biology” , Sathyamangalam, Jan. 7-8, 2011. (Invited talk)

  15. T. S. Sampathkumar, Tailoring the bioactivity of commercially pure titanium by severe plastic deformation techniques, Tenth Asian Bioceramics Symposium (ABC 2010)Nov.2-5, 2010 at Yogyakarta, Indonesia (Invited talk)

  16. T. S. Sampathkumar, Nanostructured biomaterials for engineering bone tissues, Annual Conference of the International Medical Sciences Academy [IMSA], Sept. 10-11,2010 London, England. (Invited talk)

  17. +T. S. Sampathkumar, Nanostructured biocomposites for hard tissue engineering, The Biomaterials and Surfaces III symposium, Herbertov ( South Bohemia), Sept. 15-18, 2010,  Czech Republic +Inagural address

  18.  T. S. Sampathkumar, The Role of Surfaces in Biomaterials, Symposium on Surfaces and Catalysis, Bangalore, July 27, 2010  (Invited talk)

  19. T. S. Sampath kumar, Nanostructued Titanium for Orthopeadic Applications, Fourth Asian Particle Technology Symposium 2009 (APT 2009)  Sept. 14, New Delhi. (Invited talk)

  20. T. S. Sampath kumar, Nanophase bioceramics for hard tissue regeneration, National Workshop on biomaterials and medical implants BMI-2009, May 23-24, Mumbai, (Invited talk)

  21. T. S. Sampath kumar, Nanocarriers for antibiotic scaffolds and delivery systems, First International Conference on  Tissue Engineering and Stem Cell research using Nanomaterials (NANOBIO 2009), Feb., 7-9, 2009, Kochi

  22. T. S. Sampathkumar, “Bioyantra’ 09”  - National level technical symposium, March 20, 2009, Chennai. Inagural address

  23. T.S.Sampath Kumar, Clinical potential of nanotechnology for 21st  century, Int. Med. Sci. Academy Annual Conf. Nov. 2-4, 2007,Manipal (Invited talk)

  24. T. S. Sampath Kumar, Nanocrystalline Bioceeramics: Acclerated synthesis and biological evaluation, Proc. Nat. Sem. Recent Trends in Advanced Ceramics, Sept.27-28, 07, Chennai, 1-10, (invited talk)

  25. T. S. Sampath Kumar, The Future of Medicine :, Inaugural  Symp. on the Dept. Nano Science and Technology, Aug.,23, 07,  Coimbatore, (invited talk)

  26. T. S. Sampath Kumar, Nanophase biomaterials-,Nat. Symp. Nanoscience and Technology, Feb.,7-8,  2007, Chennai, (invited talk)

  27. T.S.Sampath Kumar, Nanoceramic approaches to antibiotic therapy for bone infections, Int. Workshop on Nanoceramics & Nanocomposites, Sept. 8-9, 2007, Kanpur ( Invited talk)

  28. T.S.Sampath Kumar, Nanotech Approaches to  Ceramic Implants for Bone Infections,Indo-Australian Conference “Biomaterials, Implants, Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine” January 10-12, 2007, Trivandrum, P52  (invited talk)

  29. T.S.Sampath Kumar, Innovative Bioceramics from Egg Shell Waste, Int. Conf. on Design of Biomat., Dec.,9-11,  2006, Kanpur (invited talk)

  30. T.S.Sampath Kumar, Nanophase calcium phosphate ceramics: Microwave synthesis and biological evaluation, 6th Asian Bioceramics Conference,  Nov., 7-10, 2006, Bangkok, Thailand, $Keynote Lecture,

  31. T.S.Sampath Kumar, Local Delivery of Antibiotics by Nanophase Ceramics, Indo-US Symp. on Nanotech. in Adv. Drug Delivery, Oct.4-6, 2006 Chandigarh,P29 (invited talk)

  32. T. S. Sampath Kumar, Smart biomaterials, Nat. Sem. on  Smart Mater. And NanoTech. Oct., 1, 2005, Mailam (Invited talk)

  33. §*N.Ramesh Babu, T.G. Prabhakar, K.Prasad Raoand T.S.Sampath Kumar, Development of nanosized silver-substituted hydroxyapatite for tissue engineering applications, 9th CCT Seminar on MATERIALS FOR TISSUE ENGINEERING, Sept. 28-Oct.1, 2004, Faenza, ITALY (invited talk) § Chaired a session

  34. M. Kunal, K.Ram Kumar, N.Ramesh Babu and T.S.Sampath Kumar, “Development of multilayer calcium phosphate-chitosan films”, 7th  World Biomaterials Congress, May 16-21, 2004, Sydney, AUSTRALIA, Transactions  P. 1275ongress § Chaired a session,