Recent Achievements/Publications:

  • Congratulations to Guruvidyathri K., Mohan Muralikrishna and Rahul Bhattacharya for getting "Best Paper Awards" in IHS-2018 conducted by the MME-IITM.
  • Chinmoy Chattopadhyay's (Post doc Alumni) paper “Phase Prediction in High Entropy Alloys - A Kinetic Approach” got accepted in Acta Materialia (2018).
  • Congratulations to Mohan Muralikrishna for getting selected for the prestigious "DAAD scholarship" to work at University of Muenster, Germany.
  • Congratulations to Mayur Vaidya for getting a "Post doctoral position" at University of Muenster, Germany.
  • N.S. Karthiselva’s (PhD Alumni) paper “Graphene nanoplatelets induce crystallographic texturing during reactive spark plasma sintering of titanium diboride” got published in Carbon (2018).
  • Raghavendra Kulkarni’s (PhD Scholar) paper “Study of microstructure and magnetic properties of AlNiCo (CuFe) high entropy alloy” got published in JALCOM (2018).
  • Mayur Vaidya's (PhD Scholar) paper "Bulk tracer diffusion in CoCrFeNi and CoCrFeMnNi high entropy alloys" got published in Acta Materialia (2018).

Welcome to Advanced Materials Research group of Prof. B.S. Murty at the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, IIT Madras. This site will give you an idea of our group and its activities.      

Our group is basically a physical metallurgy group, interested in structure property correlations in various advanced materials for structural and functional applications. The materials that we deal with are mostlynanocrystalline or amorphous (bulk metallic glasses) in nature. Among the nanocrystalline materials, the group’s interests are in developing high strength nanocomposites for both ambient and high temperature applications, nano coatings and functional nanocomposites for energy harvesting (piezoelectric), energy storage (magnetic), energy conversion (thermoelectric), sensor and actuator (magneto-electric) applications. In case of bulk metallic glasses our interest is mainly to predict best glass forming compositions through thermodynamic and topological modelling and their experimental validation. We also work on high strength Al alloys through grain refinement & modification and Al based in-situ composites for transport sector for energy conservation through light weighting. 

Another very important area on which a large section of the group is focused is a new class of materials, namely, High entropy alloys. Here our interests range from predicting the phase formation through thermodynamic and kinetic modelling to synthesis of nano HEAs, refractory HEAs, HEA coatings. We are also interested in understanding the properties of HEAs such mechanical, thermal, diffusion, corrosion, oxidation, magnetic behaviour and phase transformations in these advanced materials.

Our group is specialised in non-equilibrium processing of materials through high energy ball milling (mechanical alloying) and rapid solidification processing. Most of the nanocrystalline materials developed in the group are consolidated through spark plasma sintering. We attempt to understand the materials through a number of advanced characterization tools such as transmission electron microscopy and atom probe tomography.

We hope you would enjoy your tour through our group’s activities. If you have any comments/queries please feel free to contact Prof. Murty at murty @ iitm.ac.in