Nano porous templates

Fabrication of Nano-porous Cu and Ag templates Via Selective Dissolution

B. Bhushan


Different dealloying techniques for the processing of nanoporous Cu and Ag templates are being tried. In the ball mill route, the powders of Cu-Ni, Cu-Zn, Ag-Zn and Ag-Ni are prepared by mechanical alloying for different durations to get incomplete and complete alloying. The pellets of these powders are immersed in HCl + FeCl3 solution for dealloying and to develop porous network of noble metals (Cu or Ag). Systematic optimization of different variables like current density, time and potential during polarization and concentration of HCl and FeCl3 are varied in order to get homogeneous distribution of interconnecting nanopores in the Cu and Ag templates. The final objective of the current work will be to develop nanoporous Cu and Ag templates for enhanced catalytic activity.

SEM image Cu-25%Ni, Ball milled for 1 Hour, sintered at 950C and immersed in 1MHCL+0.1wt% FeCl3 for 7 days.