Teaching Experience: 24 years of teaching experience in various UG and PG level courses.

For UG Program :

  1. Phase equilibria and phase transformations
  2. Materials characterization
  3. X-ray diffraction and Electron microscopy
  4. Physical Metallurgy
  5. Introduction to Aerospace Materials
  6. Physics of Metals
  7. Science and Engineering of Materials
  8. Solidification Processing
  9. Phase Transformations
  10. Introduction to materials engineering

For PG Program :

  1. Advanced Phase transformations
  2. Advanced thermodynamics
  3. Heat treatment technology
  4. X-ray diffraction and electron metallography
  5. Advanced materials and processes
  6. Topics in Nanomaterials
  7. Electron diffraction
  8. Materials selection and design
  9. Thermodynamics and kinetics
  10. Role of Microstructure in Materials Selection and Design

Video Lectures :

  1. Advanced Metallurgical Thermodynamics. Click here for link.
  2. Advanced Materials and Processes. Click here for link
  3. Material Characterization


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