Field of specialization: Mechanical metallurgy, Physical metallurgy, Materials characterization


Research interests: Materials processing, development, characterization and microstructure-mechanical properties correlations in engineering materials


Research Guidance (on going):


Postdoctoral Fellows:


Dr. Vikram Kumar Jain (Topic: Advanced high strength steels)


Ph.D. students (ongoing):


G Sukumar (External scholar from DMRL, Hyderabad) (Topic: Processing and Deformation behavior Ti alloys) (2016-


Achintya Kumar Patra (Topic: Advanced high strength steels) (Co-guide: Prof. K.C. Hari Kumar) (2017-


P. Shruthi (Topic: Creep in high temperature materials) (Guide: Prof. M. Kamaraj) (2019-


M.S. students (ongoing):


Mr. Avanish Kumar Singh (Topic: Formability of medium Mn steels) (Guide: Prof. Uday Chakkingal) (2020-


M. Tech students (ongoing):


Mr. Arun Sengotu Velavar

Ms. Deepika Rajam


Project Staff (ongoing):


Amit Singh

K. Arun Babu


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) (Completed):


1.            Mr. S. Kumar, Studies on Al-4Cu and Al-7Si alloy based in-situ composites reinforced with TiB2 and TiC particles (Co-guide: Prof. B.S. Murty) (2009)

2.            Mr. Arnab Chttopadhyay, Studies on hot rolled galvanized steel sheets for automobile applications (Co-guide: Prof. B.S. Murty) (2009)

3.            Mr. T. Shanmuasundaram, Development of bulk ultrafine grained and nanocrystalline high strength and ductile Al-Cu alloys by cryo-rolling and high energy ball milling (Co-guide: Prof. B.S. Murty) (2010)

4.            Ms. R. Priya, Effects of Pre and Post Weld Heat Treatments on Mechanical and Corrosion Behavior of Friction Stir welded Aluminum Alloys (Co-guide: Prof. K. Prasad Rao) (2010)

5.            Mr. Sumantra Mandal,  Studies on microstructural evolution during thermo-mechanical processing of austenitic stainless steel Alloy D9 (2011)

6.            Ms. Susila, Microstructure and creep properties of ferritic and austenitic based oxide dispersion strengthened alloys (2011)

7.            Mr. C.N. Athreya, Influence of mode of deformation on the recrystallization behaviour of Nickel and Titanium (2017)

8.            R. Jeyaraam, Experimental and phase field modelling of microstructure evolution during annealing of Nickel) (Co-Guide: Prof. Srikant Vedantam of Engineering Design) (2020).


Master of Science (MS) (Completed):


1.            Mr. Shashank Dutt, Effect of heattreatment and cryorolling on the structure, properties of dual phase steels, (Co-guide: Dr. K.C. Harikumar) (2007)

2.            Ms. V.L. Niranjani, Studies on the texture, microstructure and mechanical properties of rolled and recrystallised Cu-5 wt.% Al, Cu-5 wt.% Zn and Al-Mg-Si alloys (2009)

3.            Mr. Karthikeyan Rajan, Development of dispersion strengthened nanostructured ferritic steels: Correlation between microstructure and high temperature mechanical behaviour (Co-guide: Prof. B.S. Murty) (2012)

4.            Mr. Arun Babu, Study of microstructure and texture development during superplastic deformation of statically and dynamically recrystallizing Al alloys (2014)

5.            Mr. T. Hemanth, Studies on the development of grain boundary engineered microstructure through strain annealing in equiatomic CoCrFeMnNi high entropy alloy and its effect on aqueous corrosion (2020)

6.            Mr. Amit Singh (Topic: Thermomechanical processing of advanced high strength steels) (Co-guide: Prof. S. Sankaran) (2021)


Master of Technology (M.Tech) / Dual Degree (Completed):


1.            Mr. P. Satya Bhaskar, Development of ultrafine grained Cu and Al by ECAP and cryorolling (2005)

2.            Mr. P. Venkateswar Gupta, Influence of intercritical annealing treatment on microstructural and mechanical properties of dual phase steel tubes, (Co-guide: Dr. S.D. Pathak) (2006)

3.            Mr. A. Sudheer, Some studies on the microstructure and torsional fatigue behaviour of dual phase steel tubes (Co-guide: Dr. S.D. Pathak). (2007)

4.            Mr. Jatin K. Rana, Nanocrystalline high strength AA6061 Al alloy (2008)

5.            Mr. Varun Kumar Gaur, Development of bulk nanocrystalline Al alloys by high energy ball milling (2009)

6.            Mr. Ashwin Kumar, Some studies on microstructure and mechanical roperties of dual phase steels (2009)

7.            Ms. M. Jayalakshmi, Study on microstructural evolution during hot compression of nitrogen alloyed 316 stainless steel, (2012)

8.            K. Shyam Swaroop, Grain boundary character studies in Inconel 617) (2014)

9.            Mr. K. Deepak, Hot corrosion and high temperature oxidation studies on grain boundary engineered Inconel 617, (2015)

10.         Mr. T. Aditya Srinivasan, Recrystallization Studies on High Entropy Alloys (2017)

11.         Mr. K. Ram Reddy, Effect of grain boundary engineering on hot cracking behavior of Ti modified 316 stainless steel (2017)


Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) (Completed):


1.               Mr. Prithu Sharma, (2008)

2.               Mr. Ravikant Patidar, (2008)

3.          S. Dinakar, (2009)

4.          N.V. Karthik, (2011)

5.          Ms. A. Priyanka (2012)

6.          Mr. Amit Deore (2013)

7.          Mr. G. Rahul (2014)


Former Project Staff:


1.            K. Sita Rama Raju (2007-2008)

2.            K. Ram Reddy (2017-2019)

3.            Dr. C.N. Athreya  (2017-2019)

4.            B. Shaktipriya (2018-2020)

5.            Mr. Thota Hemanth (2020-2021)

6.            Dr. R. Jeyaraam (2020-2021)

7.            Dr. Partha De (2020-2021)