List of Candidates Recommended for Admission - MS/PhD Programme

Based on the written exam and the interviews conducted on Nov 4-6, 2015, the following candidates have been (provisionally) recommended by the selection committee for admission to the MS/PhD program.
The admission is subject to approval from the administration. Formal offer letters will be sent out after the administration approves the list following the scrutity of the documents.
Recommended MS Students
Recommended Regular PhD Jan 2016

List of students selected for summer internship program at the dept. of MME at IITM.

List of students selected for summer internship program at the dept. of MME  at IITM.
Application Number   Applicant Name
MM15SFP0027                        Subbiah Nagappan
MM15SFP0050                        Monu Kumari
MM15SFP0051                        Sidharth Ravi
MM15SFP0053                        Akshay Choudhary
MM15SFP0076                        Megha Acharaya
MM15SFP0081                        Pooja Vardhini Natesan
MM15SFP0098                        Rachna Jha
MM15SFP0114                        D.A.Melvyn Thomas

JBT Best Paper of the Year 2014

An article titled "Accelerated Sonochemical Synthesis of Calcium Deficient Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles” authored by T. S. Sampath Kumar,  Namitha Varadarajan, Rajkamal Balu, Deepti Rana and Murugan Ramalingam published in the Journal of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering (JBT) has been selected for the “JBT Best Paper Award” for the year 2014 based on it’s originality and presentability by the Editorial Committee and the American Scientific Publishers.


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