metsa-lgMetallurgical & Materials Engineering Student Association (MetSA) is a student body which handles the various departmental activities for the students of MME. The main aim of the MetSA team is to promote a departmental connection within the students through different activities; some of them include Industrial Visits, Fresher’s Night, Farewell, Informal Games etc. A major event which comes under MetSA includes annual technical festival of the department Amalgam.

Materials Advantage

material-lgMaterials Advantage (MA) is a combination of four professional bodies

  • American Ceramic Society (ACerS)
  • Association for Iron & Steel Technology (AIST)
  • ASM International
  • The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (TMS)

MA Chapter of IIT Madras started in November 2002 as Students Chapter of ASM International. It is being managed entirely by students with enthusiastic office bearers. It has been very active in arranging lectures by eminent personalities, organising industrial visits, conducting conferences, Materials Quiz and motivating the school students to take career in the field of materials science and engineering through outreach activities. Since July 2005, this ASM student’s chapter was converted to Materials Advantage Chapter in its present form.


etchETCH is a departmental magazine which projects the departmental activities from faculties, students and alumni. Etching is a process in metallurgy, which opens up the microstructure of materials to us. Inspired from that, ETCH opens up to the students and alumni the fascinating research that is going on in our department and around the globe. Comprising the interesting stories of alumni and scientists, it inspires toddlers to take their first steps in research.

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Etch 15.2                Etch 15.1

Etch 14.2                Etch 14.1

Etch 13.2                Etch 13.1


amalgamAmalgam, popularly called as “Material Festival” is an annual technical event organised by Department of MME, IIT Madras. Amalgam consists of a variety of events, workshops, demonstrations and lectures designed to give you a flavour of the happenings in the depar tment. The events include Industry Defined Problem (IDP), paper and poster presentation, The Ultimate Metallurgist, Project X and many more. In addition, an initiative “Jaagruthi” has been taken to create awareness among the school children about the fascinating aspects of metallurgical and materials science.

Amalgam 2017 will be held from Feb 24-26. For more details click here : AMALAGAM 2017

In-House Symposium (IHS)

ihs-lgThe first in-house symposium of the department was held on April 1, 2006. The event was organized by Prof. Phani Kumar and Prof. V. Sarma. After being dormant for few years the event was brought back was  organized on January 27-28, 2016. The event was organised by an active team of students with active support from faculty members. About 25 oral papers and about 30 posters were presented by the students of the department in various sessions in IHS-2016, which were chaired by the faculty of the department. IHS gives a platform to the students of the department to showcase their research work in front of their colleagues and faculties and gain useful insights to progress ahead. The next event is scheduled for July 29-30, 2017. The abstracts book for IHS 2017 can be accessed here.