Industry Connection

Ongoing Industrial Collaborations

PI Name Recent Industrial Projects Industry Name
Haridoss Prathap Prototypes of footwear device for Gait analysis and rehabilitation Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Ltd.
Hari Kumar K.C. Precipitation behaviour in Thin Slab Caster (TSC) to develop Cold Rolled Grain Oriented (CRGO) electrical steels Tata Steel
Kamaraj M. Corrosion studies of type 316 stainless steel and its welded joints in sea water environment Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd.
Kanjarla Anand Krishna On the multiscale modelling of texture and anisotropy development during thermo-mechanical processing of duplex stainless steels AB Sabdvik Materials Technology
Murty B.S. Bulk metallic glasses Titan Company Ltd.
Gandham Phanikumar Microstructure modelling during solidification in multi-component superalloys GE India Technology Centre Pvt. Ltd.
Ravikumar N.V. Development of prototype ceria based water splitter to generate hydrogen using concentrated solar energy. Thermax Ltd.
Sabita Sarkar Development of reduction roasting technology using iron ore and coking coal to maximize iron recovery. JSW Steel Ltd.
Shukla Ajay Kumar Development of static and dyanamic control model for BOF process JSW Steel Ltd.
Shukla Ajay Kumar Mathematical modelling of RH steelmaking process for the production of IF grade steels JSW Steel Ltd.
Parasuraman Swaminathan Adhesion of gold based coatings on intermetallic films Titan Company Ltd.


Our Industrial Collaborations

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