A consultancy assignment is taken up when a client, generally, an industry or an institution approaches IIT with a specific problem. They may directly approach the experts concerned with the problem or may be directed by the Centre for IC & SR to the respective experts. The consultancy project is evolved through mutual discussion between the client and the consultant. This includes the problem definition, cost, time frame, scope etc. Further the consultant has to identify the type of consultancy, which he has to render.

Institutional Consultancy (IC)

These are consultancy assignments carried out at the Institute, mainly utilising the existing facilities, knowledge, or expertise of the consultant. The following are the special features of this type of consultancy:

  • Facilities of the Institute can be utilised for the assignments, but budget provisions must be given in the project for using the facilities.
  • Purchase of materials and employment of staff specifically for the consultancy work.
  • Availing of external assistance and subcontracting.
  • Students can be employed on a part time basis and remuneration given based on the request from the consultant.
  • All know-how developed as part of the consultancy assignment will be the property of the client as long as it is used by the client. Patent for any new development can be taken jointly between the client and the Institute. If the knowhow is transferred to a third party, royalty will be shared equally between the client and the Institute unless otherwise agreed upon. Wherever necessary, a Memorandum of Understanding can be signed between the Institute and the client in which the terms and conditions for the award and execution of the project have to be explicitly stated.

Retainer Consultancy (RC)

These are consultancy assignments in which the client seeks the technical advice of the faculty. This may be carried out either at the Institute or at the premises of the client, and no Institute facility is utilised. The following are the special features of this type of consultancy.

  • The consultancy charges are worked out on man day basis. The ICSR board has recommended the following guideline rates:
    • Professor : Rs 50,000-/- per manday plus service tax.
    • Associate Professor: Rs 45,000-/- per manday plus service tax.
    • Assistant Professor: Rs 40,000-/- per manday plus service tax.
  • The number of days required for consultancy must be mutually decided by the consultant and the client.
  • Honorarium is payable only to the consultant and one supporting staff. No other expenditure is permissible in these projects.
  • Matters regarding the distribution of consultancy amount have been dealt in distribution and closure of consultancy.
  • The client shall meet all the travel, boarding and incidental expenses of travels undertaken for the project work.

Research Based Industrial Consultancy (RBIP)

These are consultancy assignments generally taken up for development of product/ technology for an organization / industries in which there exists a sizeable research content. These assignments have the following features:

  • The project proposals are submitted jointly by the faculty and the client.
  • All the central facilities of the Institute can be utilised for which the charges have to be met from the project.
  • Equipment purchases are allowed.

Common Testing

The faculty can take up external testing work utilizing one or several equipments in the laboratory