MS or Master of Science(by Research) is a research heavy programme, unlike the traditional course heavy M.Tech programme. MS is also not time bound. While students are funded at utmost for three years, the average graduation time is two and half years.

Once the student is admitted into the dept and identifies a topic and a research advisor, a General Test Committee (GTC) is constituted. The two member GTC consists of one professor from MME dept. and the second from other depts. Student, in consultations with his/her advisor and GTC then carefully selects the courses that he/she has registered. A Minimum of five courses have to be credited by the student. GTC and the advisor can recommend extra courses in case they feel the student will be beneficiary of it. The courses can be from any dept and not just MME .

One Seminar and a thesis.

One GTC meeting before the end of two years.

Students can also choose to convert to PhD Degree at the end of their first year provided they satisfy certain criterion.