Elective courses

Here are the list of elective courses offered by the dept.

MM5001 Composite materials
MM5010 Advanced engineering materials
MM5011 Modelling of Transport Phenomena in Multi-Phase Systems
MM5012 Welding Processes
MM5013 Textures in Materials
MM5015 Introduction to Multi-Scale Modeling of Materials
MM5017 Electronic materials, devices, and fabrication
MM5018 Thin and thick film metallization in electronics
MM5021 Deformation and Failure of Materials at Elevated Temperatures
MM5023 Iron and Steel Making Technology
MM5025 Physical Metallurgy of Ferrous Alloys
MM5026 Special Topics in Iron and Steel Technology
MM5030 Materials in renewable energy technologies
MM5040 Defects in materials
MM5041 Medical Materials
MM5120 Heat Treatment Technology
MM5130 Materials for Extreme Environment
MM5140 Metallurgical Failure Analysis
MM5180 Non Destructive Evaluation
MM5190 Non Destructive Testing Lab
MM5210 X-ray Diffraction Techniques
MM5240 Electron Diffraction and Microscopy
MM5250 Additive Manufacturing
MM5270 Practical Transmission Electron Microscopy
MM5290 Stability of Microstructures
MM5320 Corrosion Engineering
MM5330 Surface Degradation Processes
MM5340 Surface Engineering
MM5380 Transport Phenomena in Metallurgical Processes
MM5410 Ceramic Science & Technology
MM5420 Advanced Ceramics
MM5430 Advanced Powder Processing
MM5460 Physical Ceramics
MM5520 Solidification Phenomena
MM5610 Metal Forming Processes
MM5630 Plasticity & Plastic Deformation
MM5640 Sheet Metal Forming
MM5650 Press Tools for Metal Forming
MM5660 Metal Forming Laboratory
MM5680 Smart Materials
MM5700 Topics in Nanomaterials
MM5740 Welding Metallurgy
MM5750 Welding Application Technology
MM5760 Advanced Topics in Joining of Materials
MM5770 Materials joining laboratory
MM6010 Computational Materials Thermodynamics
MM6001 Brittle Fracture and Indentation Mechanics
MM6023 Advanced Transmission Electron Microscopy
MM6030 Structure and properties of grain boundaries and interfaces